Bar-B-Que Lingleville, Tx

Lingleville, Tx 76461

  • Monday : CLOSED
  • Tuesday : 11am-8pm
  • Wednesday :11am-8pm
  • Thursday : 11am-5pm
  • Friday :11am-9pm
  • Saturday : 11am-9pm
  • Sunday : 11am-3pm

Southern BBQ Lingleville, TX

Discover the rich flavors of Southern BBQ in Lingleville, TX at R&R Bar-B-Que. Our pitmasters use time-tested recipes to ensure every dish is packed with authentic, mouthwatering BBQ goodness.

Smoked Meats Lingleville, TX

Our smoked meats are a highlight at R&R Bar-B-Que. We use traditional smoking methods to infuse each cut with deep, smoky flavors, creating tender and flavorful meats that you’ll love.

BBQ Sandwiches Lingleville, TX

Our BBQ sandwiches are a must-try, featuring succulent smoked meats topped with our signature sauces. They offer a quick, satisfying, and delicious meal option for BBQ lovers.

Homemade Sides Lingleville, TX

Complement your BBQ feast with our homemade sides. From creamy mac and cheese to tangy coleslaw, each side is crafted from scratch to pair perfectly with our main dishes, enhancing your overall dining experience.

Homemade Desserts Lingleville, TX

End your meal on a sweet note with our homemade desserts. Our desserts, like our famous pecan pie, are freshly made daily and provide the perfect finish to your BBQ meal, leaving you completely satisfied.

Homemade BBQ Sauces Lingleville, TX

Our homemade BBQ sauces are the perfect accompaniment to our smoked meats. Crafted from scratch, these sauces add a burst of flavor to any dish and are available for you to take home and enjoy.

BBQ Takeout Lingleville, TX

For those on the go, our BBQ takeout service in Lingleville, TX makes it easy to enjoy our delicious food. Simply place your order ahead and pick up your meal without the wait, ensuring you never miss out on great BBQ.

BBQ Catering Lingleville, TX

Planning an event? Let R&R Bar-B-Que provide top-notch BBQ catering for your next gathering. We offer a variety of catering options to fit any occasion, ensuring your guests enjoy a memorable and delicious experience.

Dine-In BBQ Lingleville, TX

Join us for a dine-in BBQ experience in Lingleville, TX. Our welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff make R&R Bar-B-Que the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends, creating a warm and enjoyable dining experience.

BBQ Family Meals Lingleville, TX

Bring the taste of R&R Bar-B-Que home with our BBQ family meals. These convenient packages are perfect for feeding the entire family, offering a variety of meats, sides, and sauces to satisfy everyone, making mealtime easy and delicious.

Visit R&R Bar-B-Que in Lingleville, TX, and enjoy the best Southern BBQ around. Whether you choose to dine in, take out, or need catering, we are here to serve you with the finest BBQ in town.

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